Yazeewa’s focus is to help businesses connect digitally to consumers within South Africa, with the view of extending its reach to the greater African continent and connecting it to the world. Yazeewa is a contraction of the isiZulu word “Yaziwa” which means “To Be Known”

Yazeewa offers a digital marketplace platform built for business owners who wish to sell their products and solutions online. For consumers, Yazeewa is an online store that will allow them to shop for various brands in one platform. Our services extend beyond eCommerce, we offer solutions for business owners that include branding, corporate identity, digital marketing services and data insights into their business and customers for that competitive edge.

Our Mission

To empower businesses with an online platform that will show case their brand and bring their products directly to their customers.

Our Values

Customer Centric

About Us

We are a team of young professionals, with extensive experience in the information technology sector. Our expertise combined respectively include business expertise, sales management, data analytics, digital marketing, brand management, social media management, commercial law, we deliver consulting and professional services for small to medium businesses.

Our team is committed and dedicated to making a difference to South African entrepreneurs who wish to build their online presence through an eCommerce platform to resell their products and services. Our support and services further extend to brand building and digital marketing.